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We spend time at the dump so your property won't be one!

What Clutter Can We Bust For You?

One Item Pick Ups To The Whole Property!

house hold junk leeroys clutter buster
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Household Junk 

Yard Debris Removal Near Me Leeroy's Clutter Buster
Leeroy's Clutter Buster

Yard Debris 

Leeroy's Clutter Buster Junk Removal
junk removal

Construction Debris 

Appliance pick up Leeroy's Clutter Buster
junk removal


Mattress removal
Junk Removal

Mattress Removal 

Furniture Removal
Leeroy's Clutter Buster

Furniture Removal

Hoarded House Clean up
Leeroy's Clutter Buster

Hoarded Houses 

Trash Outs Leeroy's Clutter Buster
junk removal

Trash Outs/
Tenant Evictions

Leeroy's Clutter Buster Demolition
Leeroy's Clutter Buster


Where Can I Get Affordable Junk Removal?
Leeroy's Clutter Buster Your Premier Choice For Affordable Junk Removal For Richmond Through Petersburg.

15 Yard Truck Leeroys Clutter Buster
Junk Removal Leeroy's Clutter Buster
Were Fully Insured
Top Rated

We offer Affordable JunkRemoval! . The Greater Richmond Area through the Tri-Cities. Junk Removal Richmond - Junk Removal Petersburg, or a 40 mile radius. We have a truck size for all your junk removal needs! We offer a 15 yard and 13.5 yard truck. Prices are based on full service junk removal : how much we fill. All prices include gas to get to you, labor and commercial landfill fees. No hidden fees! Residential or Commercial from one item to the whole property we can handle all your junk removal needs. Fully- Insured, Full-Time, Full-Service!
We have been vetted and cleared by Google Guaranteed, Home Advisor and many more.

Were Google Guranteed

Recycling/ Donating 

Leeroy's Clutter Buster Recycles
We Donate
We Donate

We pride our selves on always taking the environmentally friendly option first! Whether it be recycling,thrift centers, or donation to local families. 

We spend time at the dump so your property won't be one!

Leeroys Clutter Buster Richmond

Welcome to Leeroy's Clutter Buster, your trusted source for affordable junk removal in Richmond. We offer full service junk removal from one item to the whole property! From the attic to the garage mattress to the curb pile. we can handle all your junk removal neeeds. With our dedicated team and full-service solutions, we ensure great customer service while helping you reclaim your space from unwanted clutter.
As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in serving the Richmond And Tri-cities Community. Our commitment to the area means we understand the unique needs of our neighbors. When you choose Leeroy's Clutter Buster, you're supporting a local business that cares about your satisfaction.
We offer comprehensive junk removal services, handling every aspect from start to finish. Our team of professionals will arrive promptly and provide efficient, hassle-free junk removal. No matter the size or type of junk, we're equipped to handle it all, All while being an affordable junk removal solution.
Leeroy's Clutter Buster is dedicated to affordability without compromising on quality. We understand that cost is a crucial consideration, and our competitive rates ensure that junk removal remains accessible to everyone. You can trust us to provide exceptional value for your money.
"We spend time at the dump so your property won't be one!" represents our commitment to keeping your space clean and clutter-free. We handle the heavy lifting and disposal, saving you time and effort.
Choose Leeroy's Clutter Buster for your junk removal needs in Richmond. Experience our excellent customer service, locally owned operation, and full-service solutions. Contact us today to schedule your junk removal appointment and take the first step towards a clutter-free property. 
Call 804-309-2926

Rescue Dad

Meet Leeroy my loveable pup! He was a rescue and a big part of the team.

Leeroy's Clutter Buster Leeroy

Some of our 5 Star Reviews!

Absolutely wonderful!! Definitely recommend. Aubrey came to my literal cabin in the woods and there’s not a scrap left!!

Nicole Sweet

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